Family Confidential featured in Herald Sun

February 23, 2012

ABC's Family Confidential reveals Michael Jackson
visited Robert Holmes à Court as part of sale of Beatles songs

Frosty ... Peter Holmes a Court and wife Janet with Michael Jackson as part of the sale of Beatles songs.
Source: Supplied

ONE for the "things you never knew" file. The Holmes á Court dynasty is to feature in tonight's episode of Family Confidential ( on the ABC, with the series unearthing an interesting factoid about family scion Robert ( and his (unlikely) meeting with Michael Jackson (

Pictures: The final photos of Michael Jackson ( ABC's Family Confidential reveals Michael Jackson visited ... here with the late King of Pop in 1984, Holmes à Court (pictured also with wife Janet ( ) had just agreed to sell Jackson his valuable catalogue of Beatles songs for about $48 million under the condition that Jackson visit the Holmes à Court mansion in Perth.

Though the meeting looks cordial enough - it wasn’t. Jackson was "reluctant" to make the trip, according to Holmes a Court, and was equally unwilling to appear on the annual telethon aired on Channel 7 - the network which the then-media player also owned at the time. He did appear, however. Though the purchase deal was the most expensive publishing deal in history up to that point, Jackson's share of the same catalogue was valued at $US5 billion by Jackson's lawyer Thomas Mesereau.