Family Confidential featured in the Weekend Australian

Saturday 18/12/2010

Boxer Anthony Mundine is a polarising figure, but even if you've not signed up to his fan club, this episode exploring the history of the Mundine family is absorbing viewing. As well as looking at generations of Mundines, including Anthony's father Tony, Family Confidential explores how they and the rest of-the Bundjalung people seemed more fortunate than other indigenous communities when they ended up with Baryulgil, a settlement 72km northwest of Grafton, NSW. But that luck turned bad when a nearby asbestos mine became the main source of employment for the residents.

The notion that the mineral needed to be approached with caution was unheard of back then, so it's chilling to hear the recollections of how people not only worked with it without protection, but reused the sacks it was stored in.