We’re Hiring: Assistant Producer to the CEO and GM

About us:

Southern Pictures is a market-leader in the production industry. We pride ourselves on our editorial integrity; strong agile teams; and delivering above expectations. We value fresh perspectives, new collaborations and enduring relationships.

We are dedicated to production excellence both in creative execution and in methodology. Therefore, the strength and expertise of our team is a paramount focus to ensure we offer our partners and teams a premium service.

As SP continues to expand, we are looking for Assistant Producer / CEO and GM to support the CEO and General Manager across the business and production operations.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Provide calendar and communication management for CEO and General Manager. Prioritise inquiries and requests while troubleshooting conflicts; make judgements and recommendations to ensure smooth day-to-day engagements with high level company stakeholders (including local and international broadcasters, streamers, distributors and production companies, state and federal funding agencies).

Act as a liaison and provide support to the production staff, corporate team, and company stakeholders. Arrange and handle all logistics for creative and business meetings and events; draft agendas; develop, compile, and distribute presentation and proposal materials.

Oversee and support completion of a broad variety of production and business operations tasks that facilitate the CEO and GM’s ability to effectively lead the production company, including: overseeing project development, production and delivery, overseeing complex documents (budgets, schedules, legal, contract and production paperwork), funding and project submissions, reports and acquittals, and marketplace creative presentations; collecting and preparing information for meetings with staff and outside parties; composing and preparing correspondence; maintaining contact lists; making travel arrangements; and completing expense and mileage reports.

Serve as the primary point of contact for internal and external constituencies on matters pertaining to the CEO and GM (where appropriate), including those of a highly confidential or critical nature. Prioritise and determine appropriate course of action, referral, or response, exercising judgement to reflect CEO’ and GMs style and company policy.

Maintain open communications with the production teams, including meeting regularly with their management and editorial teams and providing information, operational and editorial support as needed.

Work with the Executive and development teams to coordinate new projects and project development opportunities. Where applicable conduct editorial research, writing and developing of proposals and additional editorial material. Follow up on contacts made by the CEO and GM to cultivate ongoing relationships.

Support and maintain company profile including website, social media channels, events, festivals, awards and supporting publicity and marketing requirements for internal and external purposes as well as identify new opportunities.

• Oversee and manage all aspects of the production office. Evaluate and assist in developing office policies and procedures for improved workflow and anticipate future needs as organisation grows. Assist in the selection of vendors and purchase equipment, services, and supplies necessary for operation of the production office.

• Support corporate accounts. Manage petty cash reimbursements and accounts reconciliation. Attend weekly accounts meetings, oversee and develop corporate project budgets including digital campaigns, social and online content as well as development budgets and schedules.

Skills & Experience:

• Relevant experience in the film and television industry and relevant qualifications.
• Strong attention to detail.
• High level verbal and written communication skills.
• Ability to work autonomously but think and operate well within a team.
• Familiarity with digital file transfers, software including Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft, Canva.
• Understanding of and strong interest in production and post-production workflows and technical processes.
• Understanding of social media platforms specification and requirements.
• Interest in and engagement with current media trends, trade and marketplace news, events and activities, as well as understanding of industry requirements and standards.

Salary Package:

$75,000 – $80,000 per year