Family Confidential-01


Aired on ABC1, April 2010

Production Partners
ABC Television, Screen Australia

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For the first time, some of Australia’s most famous and influential families, including The Lowys, The Waterhouses and The Hemmes, open their doors and reveal the untold private history behind the public face. They share the hidden price of their success – and explore the impact that fame and notoriety has had on their lives.


“An extraordinary series that goes to the domestic core of some of Australia’s most prominent families… Few of our documentary filmmakers are as adept at eliminating any false hypotheses about their subjects, narrowing the emotional target and zeroing in on it… It makes you think that so ofter on Tv real people are so much interesting than fictional ones…You sit there and winder at how the families allowed such access”
Graham Blundell, The Australian


Executive Producer
Laurie Critchley

Written and Directed by
Belinda Mason
Jane Manning
Greg Swanborough
Laurie Crithcley
Aviva Ziegler
Tristan Miall

Melanie Sandford ASC
John Pleffer ASC
Andrew Arestides ASC

Director of Photography
Paul Costello ACS
Scott Barnett
David Maggiore
Cameron Davies

Damian Deboos-Smith
Guy Gross
Damian & Indiana Summers

Sound Recordist
Tony Robson
Glenn Finnan
Laurie Chlandra