Airing on ABC1, December 2017
Production Partners
ABC Television, Screen NSW, Screen Australia.


Acclaimed director Aviva Ziegler returns to three young women she first filmed over ten years ago when they were part of a radical experiment to change the lives of teenage mums by keeping them at school. The Plumpton High Young Mother’s program was the first of its kind in the world – but did it succeed or fail?


Based on an idea by Julian Russell for the original series Plumpton High Babies (2002)

Executive Producer
Laurie Critchley

Produced by
Aviva Ziegler and Laurie Critchley

Written by
Aviva Ziegler
Andrew Aristides

Directed by
Aviva Ziegler

Director of Photography
Peter Coleman ACS
Paul Costello ACS

Edited by
Andrew Aristides ASE

Additional Photography
Phil Bull ACS

Guy Gross