Six unique individuals with intellectual and learning disabilities embark on a trailblazing relationship workshop to help them in their quest for romance.
1 x 1 hour Documentary


Finding love is a tricky business at the best of times, but for young people with intellectual or learning disabilities, the challenges and stigma surrounding dating and relationships can be overwhelming. Finally, help is on hand. Straight-talking relationship coach, Liz Dore is on a mission to break the taboos surrounding love and relationships for all. She’s the only coach of her kind in Australia. For the first time, our cameras join her as she helps six young people find love and acceptance on their own terms. Now Liz is putting her pioneering program to the ultimate test as she takes this diverse group on the adventure of a lifetime: their first-ever debutante ball. From awkward first dates to managing a relationship, it’s a rollercoaster ride of heartbreaking vulnerability, breathtaking honesty and life-affirming joy.


‘Straight-talking relationship counsellor Liz Dore is on a mission to help six young people with neurological diversity and intellectual disabilities find love. For people with disabilities, love and relationships can be seen as taboo, but for Liz’s six clients it’s a deeply held personal goal. Against the odds, these unique and diverse individuals are determined to learn as much as they can to find a romantic partner.’ - The Screen Guide, Screen Australia


Executive Producer
Laurie Critchley

Producer & Director
Liz Allen

Associate Producer
Dominique Pile

Neil Gunning
Michael Park