New Australian citizen and celebrated film star Miriam Margolyes embarks on a 10,000-kilometre, 2-month journey to discover what it means to be an Australian today in this eye-opening and timely 3 x 1-hour original series.

“In Australia there is a light, the sky. Life feels brighter here. This pulsing nation with so many complex, wondrous people. I need to know this country.”
- Miriam Margolyes





‘The great comic actress smashes her own stereotype – that of the grey, expat British nomad –
before turning her jolly wit and keen eye on some of our national ones.’
- Bridget McManus. The Sydney Morning Herald / The Age / The Brisbane Times

‘... Well-researched and clear-eyed, Almost Australian is the best kind of travelogue,
one that surprises and delights but isn’t afraid to dismay now and then.’
- Alison Rowat, The Herald (Glasgow)

‘ ... The series is a breathtaking, honest and at times unflinching look at Australian society and makes for great iso-viewing...’ - Jessi Lewis, Sydney Star Observer


Series Producer
Ross Wilson

Liz Allen

Executive Producers
Laurie Critchley & Aline Jacques

Production Manager
Leilani Tomaszewski

Production Executive
Cathrine McVeigh



Director of Photography
Mark North

Orly Danon & Simon Callow