Every 8 minutes, someone in Australia goes missing. From that first frantic phone call to report them missing, we join detectives around the country, minute by minute, in the desperate search for answers.

Every hour that someone is missing crushes hope they will be found alive. As loved ones wait anxiously for news, we go behind the scenes, with exclusive access, across epic searches, ground-breaking forensic investigations, and the painstaking hunt for clues. We are with the police every step of the way, as no stone is left unturned, in their mission to find our missing loved ones and bring them home.


Paulo Vivan, Jackie Munro, Laurie Critchley

Paulo Vivan, Jackie Munro

Executive Producer
Laurie Critchley, Dan Lake, Kurt Royan

Series Supervisor
Georgia Woodward

Supervising Production Manager
Louisa Clark