Stutter School uncovers the hidden challenges of having a stutter - joining four brave individuals on a make-or-break course to find their voice.

Most of us don’t think twice about asking someone for directions or ordering a meal. But what if the words just won’t come out? The emotional impact is huge and the consequences devastating. People who stutter say it’s like being trapped in an invisible cage. Now, with unprecedented access to a groundbreaking speech programme, Stutter School joins four brave Australian stutterers, and their families, on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to confront their fears, overcome their stutter, and transform their lives.


Tuesday 5th January at 8:30pm on SBS
Encore Saturday 10th January at 10:10pm on SBS Viceland

1 x 1 hour documentary





Narrated by
Virginia Gay

Written and Directed by
Liz Allen

Director of Photography
Richard Kickbush


Orly Danon

Heather Nash

Executive Producer
Laurie Critchley