Family Confidential - Koori Mail 2010

Family Confidential featured in Koori Mail 15/12/2010

THE story of the Mundine family, which Includes the controversial boxer Anthony and his father Tony, Is to be told in an ABC Family Confident/al documentary on 20 December at 8pm. The documentary explores the history of the family, from the time when 60 years ago they were given 50 acres of property near Baryulgil, near Grafton. When an asbestos mine opened nearby, the men of the family went to work and for 30 years were blissfully unaware of the devastating effect that the dust from the mine would have on the health of family members. Instead, a whole generation grew up with the confidence and means to move to the city and build exciting new futures.

Leading the charge was Tony Mundine, who became a world-class boxer, and put the family and Baryulgll on the map.
His son Anthony has followed, winning two world tltles and cementing his role as a leader In his community. But behind the success there was tragedy, and In this documentary the Mundine women tell of their story of losing hundreds of family members, and of the sickness which still plagues many.